Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Owl Wednesday :-)

Too Hoot for Words

Where-feather You Please

Hoot, Skip, and Jumper

Too Hoot to Handle
And that sums it up for Owl Wednesday,
 I hope that you had fun looking at all of the things I brought forward today :-)

This week has been terribly busy for me,
and I had to write this post yesterday... on "nothing Tuesday"... so that's a disappointment.
 But it's still gotten done.  
I am prepping for a job interview this afternoon at 2:00,
and I pray that it goes well! Please pray for me too,
for favorable results and for me to perform at the top of my skills.

Then, my dear Cara, I hope that you will have finished your book soon,
so that you too can join in our weekly Wednesdays and Fridays.

I am also very excited to talk about our Two Nerd Birds project that is fast approaching,
hopefully we'll have something to show on that point in the next few weeks.


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