Wednesday, October 10, 2012

107: Owl Wednesday

who can believe that it's Wednesday already?
Not me, 
I thought that yesterday was Wednesday... and somehow today felt like a Tuesday or Thursday... 
boy am I off!

 I'm sorry, but if the maker is going to include a pic like the one above, then how can I leave it out?!

ah! Owl-love mitten/gloves :-) how cute!

Fringe-y owl earrings? yes please!
These are totally cool and totally affordable... Sweet!

Well... I'm about to crash after a busy few days, so if you'll excuse me...
ta ta

as ever, click on the pics to see their sources, and feel free to leave comments!

Monday, October 8, 2012

106: Artprize

At Mad Cap, getting coffee... there were tiny houses everywhere

Duct Tape monster!!!

this was about a story high.

Made out of recycled tires!

Kick-but Fiat!

They were balloons... 

cut with an exact-o-knife out of a single piece of paper

And that was Cara's and my day out at Artprize last Saturday in Grand Rapids, and we only saw about 1/10th of everything that was there!
it was raining, and cold... but we had a ton of fun anyway!

It's always a good event to go see and enjoy being out in the city :-)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

105: Owl Wednesday

 I had a wonderfully blessed and busy day today, and I was happy to realize that it's Wednesday and that means I can do my Owl Wednesday post!
I usually feel like an OW post on... like a Thursday or something, and then I've just missed the mark and have to wait a whole 'nother week to write the post!
Yes yes, very tragic. 
What's so wonderful about this bag, is that you may not notice that it's an owl-inspired design if you're not looking close enough. I like that it's subtle.
Long live the sparkly incognito owl bags! :-)

There are no words ;-)
it's adorable.

These are less of the whimsical owls, and more of the angry I'm-gonna-eat-your-cat type...
but they're still cool :-)

As long as they leave my Heathcliff alone...

Happy happy Wednesday my lovelies,
feel free to leave comments, or suggestions :-)



Monday, October 1, 2012

104: RUGBY

I'm not technically a sporty person... 
and by "not technically" I mean not AT ALL IN THE LEAST
so I was about as shocked as anybody when I found Rugby and discovered that
I love it!
It's the most fascinating sport I've ever seen!
I'm no expert on the sport, but I am slowly learning the rules and what all of the different thingys are called..
like Trys, Drop Goals, Knock Ons, which result in Scrums and sooo much more!
I tried to grab a few good pics of different happenings at the game...
We (the Grand Rapids Gazelles in the orange) were playing against the Dayton Flying Pigs and they won, boo!
But I had a ton of fun all the same and I can't wait to go again! My parents and I have a few more games marked off for October :-)

Have a Happy Monday!