Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Owl Wednesday

Hello Lovelies,

uh.... nooo... sorry.
this isn't my idea of classy owl-y wearable clothing.
I do like the colors. 
but it's a little too whimsical for me ;-)

Cute little accessory for a house....
ya know.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Favorites Friday

5 pounds (lost)

It kinda rocks.
except for the part of totally cutting out sugars... ahhhhh!
but really, it's kind of like when Cara went with out meat for a while... 
after a little bit, I don't crave it as much.

  These wedges caught my eye as soon as I scrolled down their page...
how can you NOT look at them? :-)
They're kinda fab, in a 50's sort of way.
 I'm loving the sweetness of the flat, the pointed toe, and the creamy color,
and then the rounded studs really make it more edgy. 

A wedge, but kind of not... totally fab.

I didn't mean for today's FF blog to be all about shoes, but it would seem to me that that's what it's ended up being.
Oh well, I surely don't mind, because as you can see, I love shoes!

I almost bought a pair today, and my parents are actually encouraging me to buy some booties for the long winter treks, so I'll let you know if/when that happens!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Favorites Friday in the New Year

Oh my pets,
This has been a semi-rough ending to this day, 
I'm all achy and stuff... yuch.

But I thought I would end it by posting an early edition of my old love: Favorites Friday!

I've found a new blog-crush!
 Elsie larson

You may remember this face... or really, you may remember THIS face:

Pinned Image

I've discovered the real source of this picture, and it's from her blog called 
and boy is it ever.

She has tons of great hair/makeup ideas, outfits, and just beautiful pictures everywhere! 
So I highly recommend that you guys go check her out.

*ahem* Pinterest.
Need I say more? 
I have had my profile on there for about 1 1/2 weeks, and I'm loving all of the great things I can find...
actually, that's how I found "A Beautiful Mess".

Anyway... I have to call it a night, because I'm beat, and I have to work tomorrow.

but I love you all!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Decade

Today is:
My Birthday!

I like Birthdays. Don't you? 
I did have to work today and that was a new thing for me, 
the last three years I've been either in college or tutoring at college and in both cases I had
this time off for Christmas break still! (and I could specifically request that I *didn't* have to work on my B-Day)

Once I got home though, I had a nice time with my mom and a delicious dinner with German Chocolate Cake *dies*... later we played cards and chatted! It was just what I wanted it to be. 
I'm 20 now... in case you didn't get it... ;-)

Onto my "not really a diet" diet!
It's going well. I like it because it keeps me accountable and helps me feel okay about when I have a piece of cheese. 
Sure, that isn't the most effective way to loose weight, but I'm learning that just because I gave in and ate a little sugar, it doesn't mean that I'm lost and have to "start over" with my "diet".

I haven't weighed myself, and this is honestly hard. 
I am used to weighing myself every week or two, and now that I'm really trying to be conscious of what I eat, I'm especially curious about if I've lost anything.

Maybe for the first 2 months I'll "weight-in" every two weeks instead of 4, just to see if I'm being effective enough, or if I have to buckle down more. 
I'll know in two weeks if I've been making any progress or not. 

Pics to come? We'll see ;-)

For now, I have to go, because I have a busy few days ahead of me and I really should be asleep...


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Day

I figured, why not start out this new year with a picture that matches my outlook. 
Bright and cheery, looking forward to what is coming,yet totally nostalgic.

My eye sight has been going down hill for the past year or so, something to do with sitting at the computer for too long ;-)

and I just want to say, that if I really do have to get glasses eventually, I want to be able to have glasses like these, because they're amazing, and maybe not that color, but deff that style.

Pinned Image

So in this new day, I have stumbled upon a wonderful blog, and it's given me the push I needed.
I already had a want to get in better shape,
but seeing her journey and her thought process really gave me the boost that I needed.
Her name is... Roni, and she made a blog about her weight loss.

She also put in here, how she was so successful at it, and her three tips helped me, and I hope that they'll continue to help me.
I'm going to do a project a little bit like hers.

3 Steps to a Healthier You (according to Roni, my new BFF)

1. Self Acceptance,
 (aka: this is me, this is the only body I have, and it's beautiful, so I should treat it like it's beautiful)
2. Changing your Mentality
(going "off diet" is no longer a "thing"... because what ever you eat makes up your "diet"... so don't binge just because you've "gone off diet")
3. Move More
(finding something you love to do, that helps you move more, and make a decision to do that more)

So Here goes. I'm starting this, and I figured that this is a great time to do it because it's the start of a new year, and I'm going to be 20 this week (a nice round number on which to start something).
I'm going to blog about it too... I'll try to still keep up with the fashion part of it, but for now, please understand that this is really at the front of my mind. I have to practice a strong will, something I've never been good at.

Here's what is GOING TO HAPPEN (I capitalize that more for *my* benefit than for yours)

I will weigh myself at the start of each month... and on that weigh date I will also post an updated picture.
Don't freak out, I'm not going to post pics of me in my undies. That's not my style, but I will be wearing like a tank top and exercise shorts (I have to start using them for *something*!)

I will update weekly on how things are going with my diet, and weather I've been strong or not,
I figured this would be a good thing, and would help keep me accountable.

So here starts the journey,
I hope that you guys can get a little out of this too.