Friday, August 31, 2012


What a whirlwind wonderful trip we've had so far :-) :-) :-) 
I'm still at Wilderness State Park with the family. Not only my family of four but the whole of my father's family too. Cousins from the north are here and also my Aunt from Texas is up.

Later, on monday we will be walking the Mackinaw Bridge for Labor day :-)  and then we're going to continue on north and east to Drummond Island.
It's about our favorite place to camp, so we're stoked. 
No outfits until monday september 10th at least. But I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :-) :-) :-)


Monday, August 27, 2012

Lace Love

Oh! Oh! OH!
OOOooooh maaaaaah gooodness this is such a "me" dress.
I am a big sucker for lace, to begin with.
and it has just enough country touch that I can see me wearing it DAILY in Future-House ;-)
*gasp* full yellow lace.
somebody call a doctor! cause I'm LOVE SICK over here!

I would have a bit of lace on everything I owned if it were possible. *-* hehe
It's just so sweet and light and *wonderful*
What fabrics/styles are your favs to wear?

Ta for now!


Last Night as I was Dreaming

I thought of my Future-House
and imagined the office/workspace that I would set up there...
(I also have a complete Pinterest board committed to this)
Here's how I view the office in Future-House
 (This desk)
Light and Airy.
That's the plan :-)
CUTE little accessory for the desk.
I absolutely love willow trees, and this is just the perfect touch for bringing that love indoors

I'm terrible at making decisions. So this is just what I need. Ha!

I love this idea for a girl/guy who's just moved out for the first time,
cause how on earth am I supposed to know what to buy?!
I love pretty much all of the products by Knock Knock
they're stellar.
And super cool for a person like me, who dreams of being organized but just can't seem to do it on her own...
I pretty much suck at keeping a fish alive.
I went through a stage when I really wanted a fish, and I kept buying them after the previous fishy died... but after the third or fourth one, I kinda gave up. :-(
I may try again one day, if I could get this fish bowl and set it up real pretty on my desk :-)
Maybe then fishy would survive... *fingers crossed*
What good is a new house with a world full of oppertunities if you don't take a hold of them by the horns and make them bend to your will?
... well... that's what this lamp says to me...
it says... "your mother wouldn't understand this piece if you brought it home to her... BUT YOUR MOTHER AIN'T HERE! THIS IS YOUR HOUSE NOW!!! woot woot!"...
yeah... it's a very vocal lamp.
this clock screams CARA! to me,
so maybe as a homage to her, I would incorperate it into the design of the dream-y office plan. :-)
well... that's about as far as my late-night imaginings got,
so, for now I'll say

Busy Busy Busy

I've told my cousin Cara this before,
but when I envision myself in my future house,
I keep seeing myself in dresses.
GREAT dresses...
I see myself with a happy-go-lucky singing-with-the-birds
Snow White type of life once I buy my house.
But now, I tend to romanticize things... I'll prolly end up in nasty old sweat pants everyday :-(
And maybe if  I dream hard enough, it'll become real.
I'm all about following your dreams these days.
If you want to try something, then do it! We're young!
We have the whole world at our fingertips! You're the only thing holding you back.
So that's the attitude that started me out this year, it's why I'm still pursuing the weight loss "dream"
(instead of always *thinking* "I want to be thinner..." and "when I'm older I'm not going to be like this" TAKE ACTION!) And (though it may not seem like a lot, it is to me) I've lost 11 pounds and I'm going for another 15 :-)
Also, I've always really admired the girls who have fashion blogs, who have made it into their career, and who are doing amazing and beautiful things.
Well, even though I don't need another career, I am going to do my own part to actually work towards having what I admired in them.
Why just sit back and be jealous of something that with a little (or a lot!) of work you can have!!!


So this coming week we shall be prepping to go on vacation... yay!
So in honor of that, I just want to throw out a few "dream" outfits that I think would fit perfectly for the days ahead :-)

comfy, flowy, sweet, and easy to move around in.

the simple skinny jean in one of my favorite colors :-)

What better than a stylish flat to run around all day in?!


Casual and stylin.

I hope you all have a happy Monday



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Love and Pain

I have this thing...
I sometimes love a post soo much that i see it as a shame to write a new one and
 "demote" the current star of the show...
I think I'm going to have to get over this though.
I simply adore the last three posts that I've done,
they make my heart melt and my wallet cry out in pain ;-)
I've been feeling weirdly geeked about my blog lately!
Let the geeking continue!!!

This cuff is super sweet and a great pop of color to add to an outfit.
This is from a new-to-me store called
So far, their prices are reasonable and they have some pretty cool stuff. :-)
I recently saw another pair of peacock earrings, and I just can't seem to keep them out of my mind.
When ever I go to the store now I always look at them... dreaming of the day that I'll be able to justify $15 on earrings.
ANYWAY... these are very very very pretty also, and equally tempting.

They're a lovely color of blue, they're bold, they're SWEET...
and the fact that they're large statement pieces just makes my day.
Some of you may recall the great drama of my life *ha*
that happened last year when I got my ears pierced.
It was a whole thing about them being woggedy and off-centered and stuff...
so anyway, now that I've been pierced for almost a full year, it's hard to believe that I was ever that worried about it.
My ears are FINE now...
no probs.
they've stopped catching infections and stuff (thank you God)
so now I'm able to focus on this new totally rad way of accessorizing!!!
Ta! my lovelies!


Hello dears,
I hope that you've all enjoyed the increase in posts lately,
I know that I've really enjoyed making them
*-* and showing pretty things.
Here are some more  to-die-for shoes that I thought you may like!!!

Happy weekend my dears. 
I'm thinking of doing a DIY tutorial soon-ish, but sadly (I'm happy for the vaca, but I'll miss you guys too) I'll be on vacation starting next week and won't be able to post for a little while :-)
But I'll be back!
Ta for now!

Friday, August 24, 2012

I do declare... that I love me some skirts!

Hello Lovelies :)
I hope you enjoy these little gems that I found for you ;-)

After seeing and loving this wonderful yellow skirt, I was surprised and excited to see that
Modcloth had used another Blogger as one of their advertisement pictures for it!!! Woot woot!
What a wonderful way to end the post.



Thursday, August 23, 2012

Modcloth Loves


Just some extra love for the weekend,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorites Fridays

How much better could it get?
I used to not appreciate shoes like I do now. 
 For one: I used to really hate my feet (they were the bane of my existence)
and secondly: I just didn't really "get" them... 

Needless to say, I have bigger issues than my feet now, and so instead of fighting them and feeling all down in the dumps, I've really come to appreciate them!
Even though it's still hard to find sizes that fit them (don't we all have trouble with this though? on some level? narrow feet, wide feet, small feet, large feet [I feel like Dr. Seuss now!]) 
I've stopped caring about the difficulty of it all! 
Why fight what you can't change?!


*drool* SO CUTE!I'm not usually a rhinestone kind of girl... but these are really really hot and *I think* subtle enough to be super wearable! Also, a lot of the flashier shoes tend to go too over-the-top for me and remind me of a *cough*hooker*cough* which is NOT GOOD. Anyway, these don't cross that line, and that's why I like them soo. 

Everyday Energy Heel in Green
What a darling shoe. I appreciate the great color that they made it in, and the stylish feel, with the still-stable heel. 
Very nice. :-)

So now I've posted at *LEAST* two things from this new site that I want to talk about. 

This site is super awesome so far, it has really cute styles and their prices are INSANELY INEXPENSIVE!
I was flabbergasted when I first saw them.
So you know how usually these things are just too good to be true?
Well this one's not.
I haven't found any catches yet.
The dress above is only $8, and on select items they offer free shipping.
Because I was so skeptical about how "safe" an unbelievable site like this could be,
I checked out some reviews of it, and they're (for the most part) positive!
I'm stoked for when I make my first order, and I highly recommend that you gals check out this site too!

ALSO girlies! If you DO have any issues with this site, let me know in the comments! Share the knowledge my lovelies. :-)

Ta ;-)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


After all of the craziness of the week and of life in general, 
it's nice to get back to just talking about pretty things
and feel reconnected with what I love. 

I found a fantastic new website that I'm excited to show you on Friday for Favorites Friday's post....
you should start getting excited now :-)

I'm a wise one
It's so cutsie and fun and light/airy. 
Very Cool.

Now, this next pic is unfortunately the best I could pull from the website, I understand why they felt the need to make it so hard... but it's still a bummer when I'm trying to showcase what awesome work they've done...

Over-Sized Owl Shirt Dress
It's just so darned cute.
And maybe it has to do with my envy of tiny Asian girls and how adorable they look in just about *everything*
But still... it's cute, laid back, and fun!

Owl Cuff
*-* eeeeeeeee!

how adorkable is that?
very. very very. 
Darn these thick wrists I have been cursed with!
I am too much Dutch blood in me to even dream of being able to wear this beautiful cuff...
so I'll just look at it from afar and dream of the places we'd go together... *sigh*
(I may just have to buy it anyway)

oh well.

happy Wednesday my lovelies!
I hope you have a great day and find some cheer from this little taste of Owl-y-ness