Friday, August 26, 2011

Favorites Friday

I can't hardly believe that it's time for Favorites Friday again! I love how quickly these event days pop up in my week. It'll be even better when Cara's and my project of Two Nerd Birds fills up the rest of the days... then I'll just have Mondays "off".  
Perched Together Two Finger Rings
This ring is just too cute, and it reminded me perfectly of Two Nerd Birds, and I love it. My friend commented that they looked like brass knuckles, but I defend them and still say that they're cute.
Revlon's Top Speed Nail Polish

in Lilly

I love the above nail polish, it's really sweet and soothing color while still being "bold" and making an impact. Also, it makes my hands look nice and pale. :-D
At first I was really sorry that I bought this nail polish because even though I LOVED the color, the liquid itself was not too liquid-y... more stringy and it didn't go on well.
Thankfully, the weather change seemed to have a positive affect on it, and now it works fine! Let the love continue!

Vogue is my guilty pleasure. I've been spoiled because the library where I work (this is my last day here *sob*) gets the new Vogue regularly. I will miss this perk TERRIBLY when I'm gone.

That's all for today and my Favorites Friday post,

I hope you've enjoyed your day!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Owl Wednesday :-)

Too Hoot for Words

Where-feather You Please

Hoot, Skip, and Jumper

Too Hoot to Handle
And that sums it up for Owl Wednesday,
 I hope that you had fun looking at all of the things I brought forward today :-)

This week has been terribly busy for me,
and I had to write this post yesterday... on "nothing Tuesday"... so that's a disappointment.
 But it's still gotten done.  
I am prepping for a job interview this afternoon at 2:00,
and I pray that it goes well! Please pray for me too,
for favorable results and for me to perform at the top of my skills.

Then, my dear Cara, I hope that you will have finished your book soon,
so that you too can join in our weekly Wednesdays and Fridays.

I am also very excited to talk about our Two Nerd Birds project that is fast approaching,
hopefully we'll have something to show on that point in the next few weeks.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Favorites + One Absurdity Friday

I judge things like clothing and other posessions by what kind of emotional reaction I feel when I look at them or wear them. I love it when, on those rare occasions, I can look at something and feel that "to the bone" desire/love.
 This dress, takes my breath away. I adore it. It does something to me, in a way that I'm not quite able to explain. I think  it's a combonation of the sweet green dreamy color, the lace and that neckline. I think it may remind me of some "Pride and Prejudice" kind of night gown... you know what I mean? It's just romantic. And I adore it.
Hickory Dickory Frock
I love Oxfords. This is no lie, or exaguration, or joke. I love them. I have one pair, and I wish I could wear them more often. While haunting my usual online shops, I saw these and they really grabbed me. Honestly, the took me by the shoulders, shook me, and yelled "BUY ME! BUY ME BUY ME BUY ME!"

Botanical Beauty Flat

I love good pops of color. Or maybe I just love color in general and like to make it soud "posh" by saying "pops of color"... either way: I love it. I was recently looking at my account on MC (modcloth, but honestly, i reference it so much that I thought it deserved a nick name) and I was supprised to see that I had two perticular bags "loved" and they're eerily similar. You'll see what I mean.

This Green Bag below is such a doll. I love the pretty/soft/bright green that was used.
It's honestly on my "wish list" because of how great it is. Not too expensive either, for a classy bag. Even though I tend to find my bags at places like GW and Platos Closet.
Please let me introduce to you, what I was shocked to find among the wonderful, beautiful things at MC.

It's a hat? No, really it's called the Dahlia Darling Hat.
 And I'm sorry to say that it is not darling!

All in all, I would consider this Favorites Friday post to be a success, I'm not half hearted in any of my items. I hope that you all have a nice Friday and can find something to love that inspires you too.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Owl Wednesday

Hello! Today is OWL WEDNESDAY!
I would like to take this moment to also welcome my new follower, WELCOME...
but this is a lot of pressure... because now I know that a couple of people observing my blog.
Um, plans for a new project with my lovely cousin Cara are going really well, it's called "Two Nerd Birds" and I will tell you all even MORE about it once our first *cough*product*cough* is released.

Cara: I can not make those owl figures, but how hard could it be? I mean really...
The kid in the owl costume is rediculous... but I kind of think that I would do that to my kids some day.
Speaking of kids, did you know that when you're pregnant, you're not supposed to have caffine?! I can't go nine months with out caffine of some sort! Good thing I'm not pregnant (and won't be for a REALLLLLY long time). Right? Yup.

At your beak and call

I mean, come on! How cool is that. I really really want to find a pattern to make this... but I could probably figure it out on my own. If I tried really hard. 
This thing is SO neat, I really like the finish on it, because I don't like to mix my metals, and this one is in between gold and silver, so I could theoretically wear it with both. The wings close over the owl face and it's still super cute.
From a new shop, called LittleOddForest which has some interesting Indie items. I like how it's sort of subtlely owl-ish. Not BAM!! OWL IN YOUR FACE!

A sample dress from Modcloth that never went into production,
 but it's an owl print... and it's kind of cool.

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Barn Sales

Sitting behind my dearest mother in the car (while we were parked at the gas station), I saw her pull down her mirror and look at her hair... it would seem that one darned piece was longer than all of the others.
She asked if I happened to have a scissors around, and that being about the only thing I do NOT have in my bag, I was forced to disappoint her hopes.

She said that it was alright, because she had her Jack Knife in her pocket and could take care of the problem herself.


Here's evidence of the event:

At our first estate sale, which we almost didn't find because of
our dead Tomtom, and then just happened to stumble upon, I saw this couch.
That, is a real statement piece. WOW.
 A tiny little bit of me really really WANTS IT!

The same lovely home-maker who had THAT couch above, also owned a closet full
of FURS! I loved that closet. It was the BEST part of the whole day. She had two mink capes, and this beaver coat, and they were BRILLIANT!

Left to right: Unknown short coat with fur collar and cuffs,
White mink coat (DROOOOOOL), Silvery mink caplet, three-ish small wraps... I'm not sure what kind of animal... Fox? They were alright, but I'm not much for the furs with heads/feet/tails still attached. And lastly, on the right is the long beaver coat that I tried on. They ranged in price from $1,000 to $10.

This owl was at Harbor Freight, and I took a picture of it because with it's missing eye,
 it was just too creepy to pass up.
I did have some good luck at the other sales,
I got some earrings, including a nice little set of "pearl" studs.
And a whole set of earrings, ring and necklace of this pretty little star design. "diamond" flower with green stone in the middle. Very nice.

I hope you all had a similarly nice day.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's Outfit!

Sweater, tank top and tights from Target
Skirt from Marshalls, Shoes from Payless

I often check my outfit out in our porch windows ;-)

College Graduation Ring

HS Graduation Ring

Taz, my baby

Favorites Friday!!!!!

Yeah, I'm excited. And YOU should be too!
Because it's FAVORITES FRIDAY today AND I have an outfit to show you guys!
Sorry, enough with the yelling, I'll stop yelling.

I base my favorite picks on how awesome they are in general, and by how affordable they are. So it's hard to get on my list if the shirt is like $200. Simple enough? Now, shoes are a different matter all together. It doesn't matter how much they cost.

Owl City Earrings

Though these may not be my favorite, they're still pretty rockin. If you know what I mean.
They're from

These are from the same site. There's just something about peacock plume earrings that interest me. I am not sure if I would wear them much, but I would surely try! These little (or maybe not so little, they're 4.5 inches long!) beauties are only ten dollars. :-D What do you think of large earrings like this, are they slightly ghetto? Or does the fact that they're peacock plumes counteract the ghetto influence more than if they were just 4.5 inch hoops?

 A few things that really perk up my day, are the other blogs that I'm following,
Please allow me to share with you:

I love looking at The Clothes Horse, and she was one of the very first people I started following. I love the different clothes she mixes and remixes.

Delightfully Tacky has been a simple joy to me, she's inspired me to take a road trip, and to be more daring with my clothing choices. I love seeing what she does.
Gosh, these sound like *love letters* but honestly, these ladies are pretty cool... and I really do enjoy their blogs.
They definitely earned a place in my Favorites Friday blog.


P.S. I'll try to put up today's outfit... eventually ;-)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

OWL Wednesday!

Fl-owl-er Power
Though I wouldn't personally like it, and I surely wouldn't buy it for myself, it's okay. It's a little too "cutsy" for me. A little too "normal"? I think that's the word anyway. Not Owly enough.

Branch Brigade Mug

hehehe, that mug though is totally adorable. It's like it has a little retro twist on it. And it works for me! Big eyed owls are the thing!

And those are my owl things for today, but I have some things to show you!

This Personal Assistant Organizer rocks my world. Crap Receptacle!
Mind the Map Wallet

Okay, so story: when we were in England (gosh I miss England) and Andi wanted to find an Underground shirt, so I'm thinking, maybe an Underground Wallet would work seeing as she couldn't find a shirt! IDK if I'll do it yet, but so far, it's a good idea.