Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cardigans Are My One Weakness

I can't pass up a good cardigan. I would have bought the one I saw at Love Inc. yesterday because it was yellow striped and 3/4 sleeves, but alas, the shoulders fit oddly, so I did not buy it. It still had tags on from Target!... wait, I can prolly show you which on it was...nope, couldn't find it. Oh well.

Modcloth however, has some real humdingers when it comes to cardigans.

Knit Pearl Cardigan

Dance Partner Dress

Not sure if I love this or not, but it's such a pretty color, and such a nice shape. Maybe not the polkadots though, not sure. What do you guys think of it?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Few Favs

I saw this beauty while looking through my facebook page today. It's such a nice little thing that I had to stop and look at it. I guess it's the new kind of window shopping... get it? Windows! Like the computer program!

What a sweet thing. It looks a little short for my taste but I'm sure that with the right accessories, I think it's an absolute dream.

SOOO pretty, I tried to show this pretty little thing to you earlier in my blog, but the picture wouldn't work out... now I have it and you can see it! Isn't it a wonderfully colorful necklace!

I love my new Oxfords and I love these aswell, though I don't know how I would fit them into what I wear, I love the idea of them.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation is Good... But Home is Better

After a long relaxing weekend away from everthing, it's still good to be home.
And to shower. It's SOOO good to shower.
I haven't read that much in at least a year.

Yesterday, I honestly read for a good 10 hours, sitting... watching vintage car races, reading my Christy. (which, btw is an amazing book).

1967 Camaro
 There were good cars, good food, and beautiful weather.... even the first day when it rained, nothing could dampen our happiness of being all together on vacation for the first time this year.

Now it's back to the regular old schedule of life, but that's anything but dull, work starts back up this week, and my shoes came in from Payless, and I also got a really cute sweater/cardigan from Cabelas while on vacation, I hope to show it to you soon :-)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shopping Success!

Today I went on my weekly trip into town. This at least means that I go to the library, and usually means I stop off at Walgreens for a treat or makeup, Speedway for a coffee type drink, and our local Goodwill for a browse of their clothes and movies.

Today was especially good.

I got a coupon for a free drink from Speedway  (yay free!)

and though I hate shopping for pants/shorts, I knew that I had to give it a try, seeing as today it was near 90 degrees in town.

Low and behold! I had success with finding shorts for this season!


What an awesome pattern! These still had the store tags on when I bought them from Goodwill. What a deal! They're "Liz Claiborne" originally $49! But thanks to all of the beautiful people who donate their clothing, I am now able to afford and enjoy them. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


I can't even express how satisfied I feel after finding a good pair of shorts. I'm rather tall, and slightly "full figured" (gosh I hate that label... just call it how it is! I'm chubby, heavy, I jiggle where I shouldn't... just don't sugar coat it and call me "full figured") anyway, these are both in the comfort zone of not-too-short-showing-ALL-the-jiggle, but not quite bermuda-i'm-fat-and-insecure. Happy medium!

Anyway, thanks for the support, to all of my USA and German viewers, I hope that you like some of the things you see.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Isn't Working

I told you all that I would try to maybe set up a 30 for 30 starting this coming week... but that has been a total fail.

I have yet to clean my room, even though I've had a whole free week.
ugh I fail. I'll try to post an outfit today for you all though, because today I'm going to a good friend's graduation openhouse, then babysitting for 4 kidies from church.

Anyway I'm not going to be starting a 30 for 30 anytime soon, but I would like to do this in the future because it sounds awesome! Have any of you done a 30 for 30 in the past? Or do you have plans for one in the future? Let me know.

I have to go cause I have a busy busy day!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Few Favs

From Spotted Moth, how pretty is that?! I would just love to grab this baby, throw on some black tights and flats, just to go out on the town.
I wish my job allowed me to wear awesomeness like this. But sadly I have to have plain patterns :-(
I dream of a time when I could dress up everyday, have reason to wear dresses like this... people to see, places to go.

Be still my beating heart.
How beyond beautiful is that dress?
I love it's not-too-low front, nipped in waist and sweet bow. Not to mention that pattern which isn't too formal, but still way awesome.

Both of these dresses are on sale from Spotted Moth.


Follower and Followed

I know in reality, when I log on to my blog, there aren't any people listening to what I have to say, I know that I'm an unknown person, talking about a life that you don't truly care about, but when I log on, that's not the first thing I think of.

I look at the people whom I'm following, I see their creations and I feel as if I'm communicating to them through my writings, and their communicating back through their pictures. I love it.

I don't feel alone in this, even though I know that I am.

It's a highlight of my day to log on and see what you all have been creating with your minds and wardrobes. I am inspired and filled with what you all are doing.

Thanks for being a more grown-up version of imaginary friends.


Monday, June 13, 2011

A Few Favs

I can't get over this new Owl obsession. I'm so glad that fashion is going this way.

I can't get the pictures up here yet, but hopefully soon I will.
For now then, here are the links : Owl dangles, and Owl studs.

Honestly, how great are they? I love love love them
And they're such a good buy! Not too expensive at all.
What's stopping me then? I don't have my ears pierced. And even though I really really really want to get 'em pierced, my parents won't have it. AARRGH

It saddens me, because I could have so many more accessories to choose from if I could just wear earrings.

Still... I hold onto the hope that they will waiver on this decision and I'll be able to finally pierce my ears.
Maybe when I move out... or when they're gone for some weekend ;-)

Also, today I finished my new layout/color scheme on my blog. Do you like it? I am quite pleased with the results.

Let's end this thing on a high note :-)

A few more favorites...
Are you My Mummy? Babie onesie, for all of you Dr. Who fans out there.

Breate Fire Ring

Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 for 30 (June 12, Sunday)


Kendi, from Kendi Everyday is doing a 30 for 30. My first experience with a 30 for 30 was from Academichic, and it was so inspiring. I immediately wanted to start my own challenge... after a shopping trip, naturally ;-)

But that's not the point of the challenge, the point is to see what you  can make out of your already existing wardrobe.

Every time I see some other blogger try it, I'm tempted. Kendi is putting on an official challenge, and I was surprised and excited to see all of the bloggers who had signed up! There must be a couple hundred!

My first thought was.... "wow, how much fun would THAT be?" and then my next one was "gosh darn it Lydia you don't have time for that! You'd go crazy!"

But what if I'm NOT too busy for that?! What if it would make my life easier? I already have a select few clothes that I rely on... so this would just be one more step in way I'm already headed.

The issue? Kendi's 30 for 30 starts tomorrow.... and I'm far from being ready.
So I'm going to take this week, thoroughly clean my room, organize, and start picking out what clothes would be appropriate for the challenge... then I'll come back to you on Monday the 20th and give my report (on weather or not I think that I can do this).

Wish me luck!!!

If anyone has advice to offer, I'd be more than happy to hear it :-)


Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, Thursday

Today was beyond busy for me. Up at the crack of dawn, off to teach  my last lesson for Sign Language at the high school, then I went directly to Baker for my 12-6:30 shift... squeeze in a conference call with my camp director and a bowl of ice cream, then I'm done at Baker and home for 45 minutes before I go to my sister's house.

at least she fed me.

it was yummy.

now... finally... I'm home. and ready to show you my outfit for the day!

My father's HS ring
I tried a wing on my eyeliner today, and made it half way through the day with it on, but then I got to Baker and totally freaked out, went to the bathroom before people could see me, and washed most of it off.

It's just that, these people have seen me through the whole process of finding make up and trying it out... I am still nervous about people's reactions to it.
a Bug pin I got at Mid-Ohio

 This is a jacket I got from Kohls about a year and a half ago, it's cotton and I wear it to death, so I know that since it's starting to pill, I'm going to have to find a higher quality replacement. I love the style and dressy/casual-ness of it though.
This shirt is a great find, it's nice and flowy, but still really interesting. I love it! I think I found it at Target or Walmart. Such a good find.

Then I put it all together with my dark wash jeans from Target, and black suade flats from Payless.

What a good day :-)
Days always go better when you feel good about how you look.


Shopping Week

Hello friends,

I for one, am very excited.
I went shoe shopping with my sister tonight because I had a coupon (I love coupons!) and though the selection they had in my size wasn't quite what I wanted, I was able to grab ideas and bring them home with me so that I could order myself some new shoes!

I bought two pairs, and it's BOGO so it was an especially good deal.
I first fell in love with this pair of shoes, wonderful sandles, which were only in my sister's size at the store, so I lovingly made her try them on for me and strut around (what a sport).

And what better way to celebrate woman-hood than to dress my 5'10" form in 4" heels? I love it. There's a certain power that comes from being 6'2" and lookin smokin hot.
My second choice for the night was a true indulgence...
I have been dying to find a pair of Oxfords for months! So when I found these
Billy Joe Jazz Oxford shoes, I couldn't turn them down. I can't hardly wait till they come and I can start incorperating them into my wardrobe!

What new pieces have you guys been looking for or finding?


Ps. I'll keep you posted on how my shopping goes this weekend ;-)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A few favorites...

This is an amazing snake watch, how cool?! Time Winder Watch. I love it.
I know that Owls are really popular right now, but I'm more hyped about the new Octopus trend that's coming up, sweet! I may have posted a necklace like this before, but I just couldn't let this one alone.

I must admit, I've been drooling over Oxford flats for a while, and I just can't seem to find them in my size! Every time I see one of my fellow bloggers wearing them though, I add their look and style to a brain file about how to wear oxfords once I achieve my goal and find myself a pair.
If any of you know where I can find size 12 womens sweet oxfords like this, or this, please pass on the information!



The Breakfast Club

As I watch The Breakfast Club again, I am really impressed by Claire's outfit, I love it!

First off is her amazing leather jacket:

I mean seriously, how great is that?
 When I searched for a jacket similar to hers, I found this little jewel of a red studded leather jacket.
(I just want to add that this post is NOT in anyway budget friendly ;-)... but it sure is fun)
Back to the epic outfit though...

add a sweet blouse and a thick brown belt, then you're set to go and looking fab!

I am afraid to say it, but I think I am a fan of the 80's styles that were happening in John Hughes' movies.
What do you think?


Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd

Fret not dear ones, the week is not yet out (I told you once upon a time that I would try to post an outfit once a week)... I still have tomorrow!

This week hasn't been an easy one, I've taken on the job of teaching a two week class of sign language to a class of senior high students. It's keeping me quite busy this week. That continues next week too, but I'll make a concerted effort to show what my "teach the children" outfits look like. (warning, nothing fancy, since their class is pretty laid back... heels would stick out like a sore thumb).

This week is a big festival in Grand Rapids Michigan and I'm going to participate as an interpreter at the event. I may post some pictures of my adventures there, and what outfit I choose.

Be prepared.
It is coming.