Friday, August 5, 2011

Favorites Friday

Have you noticed how randomly I will end up switching the 'S' from one word to the other in my Favorites Friday blogs? (or is it Favorite Fridays?)...

Anyway, I was sorry to hear Cara, via your twitter, that you were having issues uploading your blog photos. :-(
I hope that you do get that all figured out! I'm currently at work, because I was playing Sims 3 this morning and didn't realize that I had to blog. Work here at Baker is incredibly slow in the summer anyway, so no one minds that I blog while I "work". I am just on reception here in the Learning Center, but normally I am available for tutoring appointments. ANYWAY! Enough of the boring stuff!

Today's outfit is really kick-a$$, and I'm excited to show you the pictures later, but my camera is home and I am here, in Muskegon, so that post will have to wait! Maybe I'll even have my mom take pics for me. Cause I just can't do this one justice.

As you may or may not (but I really hope that you have) noticed, I've added a new feature to my Lyd Through Life world, and that is Owl Wednesdays. Yup. A whole day dedicated to owls! This ensures that I will at least post twice a week, and hopefully I will soon get into the habit of blogging my outfits in between those times.

Story time:
This morning I was inspired by the story of my friend (who will remain unnamed) who said that when she got new piercings, she changed her earrings WAY before the allotted time, and she was fine! I was also influenced by the shiny earrings that I had just cleaned, and I wanted to change these darn studs out!


I have inherited from my father, the tendency to faint or get woozy when something happens that's tragic. Like when I got my ears pierced, or when he smashed his finger this morning (nothing too bad, so don't worry, but he'll have a black spot on his thumb nail for a while)...

So... I had issues actually un-backing my earrings... so while I played on the computer, I kept pulling at my left one... hoping that I would get it.... Well I did. And I freaked... And I tried to get the other stud in but it wouldn't go through... and I freaked more... and then I finally got my regular stud in, then I couldn't get the back on, because I was shaking... and I was panicking, thinking that I wouldn't be able to get my earring back in, because my ears JUST WEREN'T READY.... and I got really hot, and I had to lay down on the bathroom floor.. and I almost threw up, and I almost fainted.

Yeah, it was traumatic. So as you can imagine... I'm going to wait REALLY REALLY long before I attempt changing them again. Cause that was bad.


I'm glad that's over...
Sorry! I didn't intend to write so much today... but I just felt like a chat.

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