Friday, August 26, 2011

Favorites Friday

I can't hardly believe that it's time for Favorites Friday again! I love how quickly these event days pop up in my week. It'll be even better when Cara's and my project of Two Nerd Birds fills up the rest of the days... then I'll just have Mondays "off".  
Perched Together Two Finger Rings
This ring is just too cute, and it reminded me perfectly of Two Nerd Birds, and I love it. My friend commented that they looked like brass knuckles, but I defend them and still say that they're cute.
Revlon's Top Speed Nail Polish

in Lilly

I love the above nail polish, it's really sweet and soothing color while still being "bold" and making an impact. Also, it makes my hands look nice and pale. :-D
At first I was really sorry that I bought this nail polish because even though I LOVED the color, the liquid itself was not too liquid-y... more stringy and it didn't go on well.
Thankfully, the weather change seemed to have a positive affect on it, and now it works fine! Let the love continue!

Vogue is my guilty pleasure. I've been spoiled because the library where I work (this is my last day here *sob*) gets the new Vogue regularly. I will miss this perk TERRIBLY when I'm gone.

That's all for today and my Favorites Friday post,

I hope you've enjoyed your day!


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