Saturday, August 13, 2011

Barn Sales

Sitting behind my dearest mother in the car (while we were parked at the gas station), I saw her pull down her mirror and look at her hair... it would seem that one darned piece was longer than all of the others.
She asked if I happened to have a scissors around, and that being about the only thing I do NOT have in my bag, I was forced to disappoint her hopes.

She said that it was alright, because she had her Jack Knife in her pocket and could take care of the problem herself.


Here's evidence of the event:

At our first estate sale, which we almost didn't find because of
our dead Tomtom, and then just happened to stumble upon, I saw this couch.
That, is a real statement piece. WOW.
 A tiny little bit of me really really WANTS IT!

The same lovely home-maker who had THAT couch above, also owned a closet full
of FURS! I loved that closet. It was the BEST part of the whole day. She had two mink capes, and this beaver coat, and they were BRILLIANT!

Left to right: Unknown short coat with fur collar and cuffs,
White mink coat (DROOOOOOL), Silvery mink caplet, three-ish small wraps... I'm not sure what kind of animal... Fox? They were alright, but I'm not much for the furs with heads/feet/tails still attached. And lastly, on the right is the long beaver coat that I tried on. They ranged in price from $1,000 to $10.

This owl was at Harbor Freight, and I took a picture of it because with it's missing eye,
 it was just too creepy to pass up.
I did have some good luck at the other sales,
I got some earrings, including a nice little set of "pearl" studs.
And a whole set of earrings, ring and necklace of this pretty little star design. "diamond" flower with green stone in the middle. Very nice.

I hope you all had a similarly nice day.


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