Thursday, August 18, 2011

Favorites + One Absurdity Friday

I judge things like clothing and other posessions by what kind of emotional reaction I feel when I look at them or wear them. I love it when, on those rare occasions, I can look at something and feel that "to the bone" desire/love.
 This dress, takes my breath away. I adore it. It does something to me, in a way that I'm not quite able to explain. I think  it's a combonation of the sweet green dreamy color, the lace and that neckline. I think it may remind me of some "Pride and Prejudice" kind of night gown... you know what I mean? It's just romantic. And I adore it.
Hickory Dickory Frock
I love Oxfords. This is no lie, or exaguration, or joke. I love them. I have one pair, and I wish I could wear them more often. While haunting my usual online shops, I saw these and they really grabbed me. Honestly, the took me by the shoulders, shook me, and yelled "BUY ME! BUY ME BUY ME BUY ME!"

Botanical Beauty Flat

I love good pops of color. Or maybe I just love color in general and like to make it soud "posh" by saying "pops of color"... either way: I love it. I was recently looking at my account on MC (modcloth, but honestly, i reference it so much that I thought it deserved a nick name) and I was supprised to see that I had two perticular bags "loved" and they're eerily similar. You'll see what I mean.

This Green Bag below is such a doll. I love the pretty/soft/bright green that was used.
It's honestly on my "wish list" because of how great it is. Not too expensive either, for a classy bag. Even though I tend to find my bags at places like GW and Platos Closet.
Please let me introduce to you, what I was shocked to find among the wonderful, beautiful things at MC.

It's a hat? No, really it's called the Dahlia Darling Hat.
 And I'm sorry to say that it is not darling!

All in all, I would consider this Favorites Friday post to be a success, I'm not half hearted in any of my items. I hope that you all have a nice Friday and can find something to love that inspires you too.


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