Thursday, August 11, 2011

OWL Wednesday!

Fl-owl-er Power
Though I wouldn't personally like it, and I surely wouldn't buy it for myself, it's okay. It's a little too "cutsy" for me. A little too "normal"? I think that's the word anyway. Not Owly enough.

Branch Brigade Mug

hehehe, that mug though is totally adorable. It's like it has a little retro twist on it. And it works for me! Big eyed owls are the thing!

And those are my owl things for today, but I have some things to show you!

This Personal Assistant Organizer rocks my world. Crap Receptacle!
Mind the Map Wallet

Okay, so story: when we were in England (gosh I miss England) and Andi wanted to find an Underground shirt, so I'm thinking, maybe an Underground Wallet would work seeing as she couldn't find a shirt! IDK if I'll do it yet, but so far, it's a good idea.

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