Friday, October 21, 2011

Favorites Friday

Seine Sunset Dress
soo pretty so pretty so pretty.

 At first this dress is all, calm and sweet... then you turn around and WOW!
Foam Design

It turns into this! And I'm in love.
 I like tea, and I think that this little guy is very sweet.
 I would love to have him floating in my cup!
Armed with Technology Tea Infuser

And he's all like "I'm so happy to be in your cup!"

I am falling more and more in love with old styles like this
Eva Franco Earthen Angel
it's so pretty and the pattern is sweet but bold.
Again, black, lace *!* and classy. I approve.

This Friday is going to be a real 'win' for me. I have it off from work and I am spending it:
1. doing bills
2. cleaning my room
3. working on my dad's birthday present with my sister
4. Shopping with the sister!

I'm excited, and I hope that you are all having a nice Friday too.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Favorites Friday

What's my favorite thing today?
God's protection.
I was on the job today and the school's van that I was riding in got rear-ended by a drunk driver.
We were mostly safe, all with sore necks and two students with minor (?) injuries who were taken to the hospital to get checked and taken care of. (I'm not sure of their status since I was taken to a separate ambulance and didn't see or hear the details).

It was scary though and I just praise God that we are all (mostly) okay and that no one was fatally injured.
The other driver was okay, but has been taken into custody due to the drunken status.

This week has been full of ups and downs, stressful and terrible at times and then completely wonderful and couldn't-get-better at others.

Let me tell you about one of the later instances!

Last night I went to an interpreted play of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" and it was GREAT!
I love going to plays, so I am totally biased when I give my opinion.

I hope that tomorrow I won't have too sore of a neck from the whip-lash, but I'll keep you updated,

and if you've been following my vlog at TwoNerdBirds on YouTube then you will have heard by now that my newly pierce ears were infected.
Well, thanks to some quick work and really nice salves, I have already beat the infection and the swelling has gone down substantially. Thanks to God for that too. I can't take much more drama this week.

Have a good weekend! TGIF!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I feel like my weeks go by so quickly that I can't keep track of the days.
Owl Wednesday always sneaks up on me.

And it usually waits until supper time to do it.
So rude.
mini wallet, owl style

 Owl objects have been popping up everywhere in my life.
there's a cute "new" shop in the next town over, and it's a vintage resale shop, I saw tons of vintage owl things there! They're just coming out of the wood work! But I love it.
Though, I think Cara said that she doesn't fancy that bag because it's "too owly"... really? is there such a thing? I'm not sure.
These pics are from my day out with Cara, things we found at Target. Very Cool.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Prize Monday!

Just kidding, I'm not going to make Mondays a weekly thing too... gosh that would just be TOO MUCH!
But here is a recap of my awesome weekend!
Over the weekend, my cousin Cara, who you've all heard me talk about (Hi CARA!)
came over and stayed at my house while the Aged Ps were out of town. :-)
We went to a "little" event called ART PRIZE which is held annually in Grand Rapids.

Before we went to art prize though, we went SHOPPING! Yaaaaaaay.
I bought skinny jeans! Yay, and Cara got a totally sweeeet purse.

We stopped by a coffee shop as soon as we entered "the big city" and Cara bought me some pretty sweet coffee...
Then we posed on the stares and took pictures of each other, while holding up the line of people... poor people just wanted to descend the stairs.


We thought that we would freeze, seeing at we live in Michigan, it's October, and we only had cardigans on to keep us warm. Smaaaaart.

We saw tons of cool art... some creepy art and some REALLY POORLY DRESSED PPL! I know that I probably shouldn't be putting other people down like that, but honestly... these chicks looked bad.

So I think that my FAVORITE piece was the story-high artsy Mona Lisa painting. It rocked. Are you ready to see some pics? SWEET!

That was my favorite part.

We went to the mall and I got my ears RE-PIERCED because they were SUPER lopsided last time, and then the got infected and then they were all nasty and then one fell out because it was infected and then the other one got infected and i didn't know it so i took that earring out too and i couldn't get it back in and so i cried for a little while because it was depressing and we were on vacation so then i had to let them heal and also i had to prepare myself for getting them re-pierced because i hated it the first time and nearly fainted but I DIDN'T NEARLY FAINT THIS TIME!

But all in all, it was a good weekend!
And I will see you on Wednesday for OWL WEDNESDAY!


Ps. Cara and I have been making Two Nerd Bird videos, and this is our fourth week, so you should go check it out on YouTube!