Friday, August 12, 2011

Favorites Friday!!!!!

Yeah, I'm excited. And YOU should be too!
Because it's FAVORITES FRIDAY today AND I have an outfit to show you guys!
Sorry, enough with the yelling, I'll stop yelling.

I base my favorite picks on how awesome they are in general, and by how affordable they are. So it's hard to get on my list if the shirt is like $200. Simple enough? Now, shoes are a different matter all together. It doesn't matter how much they cost.

Owl City Earrings

Though these may not be my favorite, they're still pretty rockin. If you know what I mean.
They're from

These are from the same site. There's just something about peacock plume earrings that interest me. I am not sure if I would wear them much, but I would surely try! These little (or maybe not so little, they're 4.5 inches long!) beauties are only ten dollars. :-D What do you think of large earrings like this, are they slightly ghetto? Or does the fact that they're peacock plumes counteract the ghetto influence more than if they were just 4.5 inch hoops?

 A few things that really perk up my day, are the other blogs that I'm following,
Please allow me to share with you:

I love looking at The Clothes Horse, and she was one of the very first people I started following. I love the different clothes she mixes and remixes.

Delightfully Tacky has been a simple joy to me, she's inspired me to take a road trip, and to be more daring with my clothing choices. I love seeing what she does.
Gosh, these sound like *love letters* but honestly, these ladies are pretty cool... and I really do enjoy their blogs.
They definitely earned a place in my Favorites Friday blog.


P.S. I'll try to put up today's outfit... eventually ;-)

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  1. How did I not know about either of these blogs?? They are SO great!
    Also LOVE yours. Darling style, girl.