Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Owl Wednesday

Reply to Cara:
That totally sucks that you missed the first ten minutes of HP DHP2. Bummer. MMMMMM Ponytail Guy = *eye candy* (#sarcasm#). EEEWWW creepy Back-Hair Guy! Um.... almost died in the pond? Overreact much? Well I'm glad you didn't die anyway. That would have been a real downer. I link all of my photos by their names, but I found it on Modcloth... I've been trying to find a cool pattern like that.. cause I'm pretty sure it's knitted... and I knit! So logically, I can make those!
And what's up with the phlemy Hot comment? Does that mean sarcasm? Cause you really should be more clear about these things. I'm easily confused.

If you've been following my Twitter account at all... then you will have seen the beautiful genius that happened when I came up with THIS idea for Owl Wednesday!

 Yeah, dude, they're owl measuring cups. HOW SWEET?!

Know It Owl MUG!

Owl Cutting Board
So, I'm not really excited about the Cut Above the Nest cutting board, but it's just to show how really OWLY your place could get... if no one reigned you in.

Hoot Turned on the LAMP
Pretty darned cool.
Owlet kitchen timer
Okay, I'm sorry, but that one is just simply irresistible! It's a baby owl! and it comes in red, and yellow and this blue! LOOK AT THE BIG HEAD!!! ooooh my gosh it's so cute I could DIE! (throw-back to Despicable Me "it's so fluffy I could die")

Salt and Pepper shakers

And that's all for now, I hope that you enjoy seeing all of these Owl related items. I will, ofcourse, post more next Wednesday! I wonder if my love for owls will fade with the fad? It'll be an interesting test. Owls are pretty cool though... btw, all of these are from


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