Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Liberation of a Life

I have had a few good days recently.
I have been inspired.
Dame Helen Mirren has been a great aid to me.
Along with a two foot high pile of Seventeen Magazine, Glamour, Vogue... etc.

I had been feeling down on myself,
Like I was a failure, my life was at a stand still,
Nearly 20 and going nowhere fast.
No boyfriend, no real "place"
Not the best place I've been in life.

I'm coming to learn and embrace that I am my own woman.
I am going to make my 20s into the best ten years of my life (so far)
I am young!
I am healthy, employed, free, I can do anything I want to.
I don't have to conform myself to what I think other people want to see.
If I'm pleasing God, then I'm set!

I think of my projects, like this blog,
and things like my appearance
my dress
my makeup choices

and I see that I've been afraid to do what I WANT TO DO

who cares if that shirt doesn't "fit my style" of "sweet and preppy" ?!
If that shirt is Bad Ass and I love it! then I'll wear it, because it makes me happy.
I am free to be as eclectic as I want!
Because it's my personality and my style and my choices.

I don't have to make this blog fit anyone else's standards either.
I signed no agreement when I created it,
saying that I would stick to one topic, and follow that topic and it's group's style to a T

I am my own.
I am free.
I am me.

and I am liberated from my own fears.

I hope that you are too.


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