Saturday, December 8, 2012

Favorite Fridays: 109

Turns out, I miss counted somehow (?!) when I started doing the numbered posts, and I got one number ahead of myself! I just got too darned excited I guess. 

I love this new little style (that i guess isn't too new anymore) of the peter pan collar. and this little accesory is the best, cause then you just throw it on over any shirt and it makes it adorable and fashionable! How sweet! 
this little gem is from, who I've used twice now and I've found to be reliable, though two times isn't really a "long and tested relationship", still... as long as I am patient and realize that they're in CHINA and therefore the shipping time is SUPER DUPER LONG to get to my house, then I'm okay. 
I do suggest paying the extra buck or two to have the tracking number cause that would have saved me some anxiety with my last purchase if I could have just SEEN where in the world (literally) it was!
 This collar is only five bucks, and comes in white and black... but honestly, I prefer the white one, cause I think it is the right "feel" for the style. Anyway! This isn't a sales pitch, honestly, I get nothing if you like this item or not... I'm just sharing my love! ah!

Get ready for this next super cute find, 
These rings!
Okay so I guess that they're technically mice, but when I look at them, I always think "cat!"
so.... that's okay! I have a pair of little horse earrings that I imagine to be donkeys! Cause it's your life and your stuff and it can be what ever you want it to be!

these are super adorable, and I may have to spend some birthday mula on these little cutie pies. 
They're super inexpensive, of course, and if I'm reading the description right, you get an assortment of five when you buy them!
I can't wait to try them out and play with layering them too!
ALSO I am making inquiries as we speak about their sizing situation... and if they're adjustable or not... so we shall see! *fingers crossed*

Have a fab day and enjoy your weekend!



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