Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sept 18th of my life.

Hello Darlings,

lets discuss what's been happening lately.

It seems like a month since my vacation. And already I'm ready for another one. :-)

I have a satisfactory number of interpreting jobs this week. I am very pleased and blessed.

Just because I don't have 42 kajillian jobs this week doesn't mean that I won't be busy.

Tomorrow I have an all day job, then at night Cara is coming over for jogging/pilates (we'll just do one of those options... no need to worry about over exercising when I'm involved ;-))

Then Tuesday I have my first ever(!) freelance job, I'm excited about this one because it means that it's the real start of my own adventure. I get/have to do the billing all on my own, and it'll be AMAZING!

ALSO, Tuesday is our third Two Nerd Birds video done by the dear Cara! I can't wait to see what you do with it this week :-D

Tuesday nights I also have been babysitting for some children from church, whom I'm sure you've heard me mention (the three year old from my last post... yeah the one with the Owl jacket!)

Wednesday I will do a "school" job again, for Kindergarten, and I love that age kid, so I expect to have fun there. I just have to remember to wear flats!

Wednesday Night I have our church's Praise Team practice (because occasionally I sing.... yeah.) then after that, another night of jogging with my TNB cohort.

Wednesday... gosh, a lot of things happen on wednesday! But also on that day I have to figure out my Owl Wednesday post!

Thursday is quieter, with only MY TNB POST! Woot woot!

Friday is Favorites Friday here on my blog, and then it's the glorious weekend!

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Have a great Monday!


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