Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Owl Wednesday

I almost forgot to do today's post of Owl Wednesday!
That would have been awful, I know. I was babysitting yesterday and the three year old said that she needed to grab her jacket... so we went to their car to get it, and what does she come up with? An OWL COVERED HOODIE! How cool is that! I told her just how much I loved it. hehe.

Now, because it's Owl Wednesday, I feel the need to confess something...
I lost my owl ring.
I'm devastated too!

So I went looking for another one, hoping that I could find EXACTLY THE SAME ONE...
but alas! I could not!

On with the show!

(do you think I use too many "!!!"? hmmm)

Spec-ulative Species Ring
Cara, you and I found this ring at another store, but it had an adjustable size,
and I don't like that kind of ring... it just feels cheap to me! But this one from MC isn't that way, and I love it!

Hoo, Me?

Up close on the owl detail
Feathered Friend
This ring is AS CUTE AS A BUTTON and I hope to get it and finally replace the hole in my heart that was left by my other owl ring's disappearance. :-D
*sigh* the one thing I don't appreciate is how Charlotte Russe's rings are sorted. They're not.
And even though the site says that this ring is in stock... I didn't see it at the store earlier this week.
So do I risk not finding it, and drive all the way out there?
or do I pay like $6 more and get it shipped to my house?
Decisions decisions.

Oh, and this week, Cara and I have started Two Nerd Birds.
It's an Youtube Vlog between the two of us.
It acctually looks like it's going to turn out pretty cool! So go check it out, HERE!
We vlog on Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly, so please check it out and comment on our stuff!



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