Thursday, September 22, 2011

Owl Wednesday

Hey, It's Owl Wednesday!
Wait... it's not wednesday anymore?
Who did that?

Oh gosh, my Wednesday was SOOO hectic.
Thirst in Flight Tumbler
So. Freakin. Cute.

Up to Parliament Top

Yeah, this tunic is... I'm not sure if I like it or not.
It's not too WHAAYAAAM! in your face owl,
 but it's still a pretty busy print with all of the owls happening...

I like the sleeves.
I'd prolly wear it.

Natural Delight Lamp

It has a little bird scene on it!


The Carry-Owl Tote
As soon as I saw this tote, I was hooked.
It's just so classic looking, really pretty,
looks like leather... and it has a really subtle owl stiched on the front
I would love this baby to death and never let it go...
I mean, come on!

Want to experience something else I love?
Check out Two Nerd Birds on Youtube!


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