Thursday, September 29, 2011

Favorites Friday is SHOE-Tastic!

Hello love, Today I'm giving a special Shoes edition of Favorites Friday.
I have gathered pictures of shoes for a while now, and I think it's time to show you what I love!
Wild `n` fine
 They drive me wild!
So subtle, yet so loud!
I love 'em.

Tapestry Shoes

 They're so ugly-fied that they're pretty.
I can just see them with a below the knee skirt in muted colors and a wispy blouse on top.
They're so summer-in-old-England to me,
that I love them.
No matter what people could say. :-)
Blue and Creme
So shiny... So pretty.
So vintage inspired that I could die!
They're fab.
Really wonderful colors that could go with anything,
and a sensible enough looking shoe to be appropriate for anything!

Bowed Wedges

 These shoes (above) I could wear with about EVERY outfit I currently own.
Really! They're great! They have flair, are classy and look like they could go all day!


These are the kind of shoe that I would love to wear, but doubt that I could make the transition into.
I have broken the barrier half way by buying myself a pair of oxfords, but these are a whole new level for me.
I feel like they require skinny jeans.
and I have yet to breach that barrier. :-[

Maybe soon.
We'll see.
It'll all apart of my "young and empowered" stance in life.
I am on the edge of my twenties! not my sixties!
So why the heck shouldn't I join in some trends?!
I always tell myself that "when I loose the weight... I'll do this.. I'll do that"... but
will that ever happen?
I don't know.
I have yet to see it.

Sorry to leave you on such a down note! haha


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