Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shopping Success!

Today I went on my weekly trip into town. This at least means that I go to the library, and usually means I stop off at Walgreens for a treat or makeup, Speedway for a coffee type drink, and our local Goodwill for a browse of their clothes and movies.

Today was especially good.

I got a coupon for a free drink from Speedway  (yay free!)

and though I hate shopping for pants/shorts, I knew that I had to give it a try, seeing as today it was near 90 degrees in town.

Low and behold! I had success with finding shorts for this season!


What an awesome pattern! These still had the store tags on when I bought them from Goodwill. What a deal! They're "Liz Claiborne" originally $49! But thanks to all of the beautiful people who donate their clothing, I am now able to afford and enjoy them. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


I can't even express how satisfied I feel after finding a good pair of shorts. I'm rather tall, and slightly "full figured" (gosh I hate that label... just call it how it is! I'm chubby, heavy, I jiggle where I shouldn't... just don't sugar coat it and call me "full figured") anyway, these are both in the comfort zone of not-too-short-showing-ALL-the-jiggle, but not quite bermuda-i'm-fat-and-insecure. Happy medium!

Anyway, thanks for the support, to all of my USA and German viewers, I hope that you like some of the things you see.


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