Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation is Good... But Home is Better

After a long relaxing weekend away from everthing, it's still good to be home.
And to shower. It's SOOO good to shower.
I haven't read that much in at least a year.

Yesterday, I honestly read for a good 10 hours, sitting... watching vintage car races, reading my Christy. (which, btw is an amazing book).

1967 Camaro
 There were good cars, good food, and beautiful weather.... even the first day when it rained, nothing could dampen our happiness of being all together on vacation for the first time this year.

Now it's back to the regular old schedule of life, but that's anything but dull, work starts back up this week, and my shoes came in from Payless, and I also got a really cute sweater/cardigan from Cabelas while on vacation, I hope to show it to you soon :-)


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