Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shopping Week

Hello friends,

I for one, am very excited.
I went shoe shopping with my sister tonight because I had a coupon (I love coupons!) and though the selection they had in my size wasn't quite what I wanted, I was able to grab ideas and bring them home with me so that I could order myself some new shoes!

I bought two pairs, and it's BOGO so it was an especially good deal.
I first fell in love with this pair of shoes, wonderful sandles, which were only in my sister's size at the store, so I lovingly made her try them on for me and strut around (what a sport).

And what better way to celebrate woman-hood than to dress my 5'10" form in 4" heels? I love it. There's a certain power that comes from being 6'2" and lookin smokin hot.
My second choice for the night was a true indulgence...
I have been dying to find a pair of Oxfords for months! So when I found these
Billy Joe Jazz Oxford shoes, I couldn't turn them down. I can't hardly wait till they come and I can start incorperating them into my wardrobe!

What new pieces have you guys been looking for or finding?


Ps. I'll keep you posted on how my shopping goes this weekend ;-)

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