Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, Thursday

Today was beyond busy for me. Up at the crack of dawn, off to teach  my last lesson for Sign Language at the high school, then I went directly to Baker for my 12-6:30 shift... squeeze in a conference call with my camp director and a bowl of ice cream, then I'm done at Baker and home for 45 minutes before I go to my sister's house.

at least she fed me.

it was yummy.

now... finally... I'm home. and ready to show you my outfit for the day!

My father's HS ring
I tried a wing on my eyeliner today, and made it half way through the day with it on, but then I got to Baker and totally freaked out, went to the bathroom before people could see me, and washed most of it off.

It's just that, these people have seen me through the whole process of finding make up and trying it out... I am still nervous about people's reactions to it.
a Bug pin I got at Mid-Ohio

 This is a jacket I got from Kohls about a year and a half ago, it's cotton and I wear it to death, so I know that since it's starting to pill, I'm going to have to find a higher quality replacement. I love the style and dressy/casual-ness of it though.
This shirt is a great find, it's nice and flowy, but still really interesting. I love it! I think I found it at Target or Walmart. Such a good find.

Then I put it all together with my dark wash jeans from Target, and black suade flats from Payless.

What a good day :-)
Days always go better when you feel good about how you look.


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