Wednesday, August 8, 2012


After all of the craziness of the week and of life in general, 
it's nice to get back to just talking about pretty things
and feel reconnected with what I love. 

I found a fantastic new website that I'm excited to show you on Friday for Favorites Friday's post....
you should start getting excited now :-)

I'm a wise one
It's so cutsie and fun and light/airy. 
Very Cool.

Now, this next pic is unfortunately the best I could pull from the website, I understand why they felt the need to make it so hard... but it's still a bummer when I'm trying to showcase what awesome work they've done...

Over-Sized Owl Shirt Dress
It's just so darned cute.
And maybe it has to do with my envy of tiny Asian girls and how adorable they look in just about *everything*
But still... it's cute, laid back, and fun!

Owl Cuff
*-* eeeeeeeee!

how adorkable is that?
very. very very. 
Darn these thick wrists I have been cursed with!
I am too much Dutch blood in me to even dream of being able to wear this beautiful cuff...
so I'll just look at it from afar and dream of the places we'd go together... *sigh*
(I may just have to buy it anyway)

oh well.

happy Wednesday my lovelies!
I hope you have a great day and find some cheer from this little taste of Owl-y-ness 



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