Saturday, August 25, 2012

Love and Pain

I have this thing...
I sometimes love a post soo much that i see it as a shame to write a new one and
 "demote" the current star of the show...
I think I'm going to have to get over this though.
I simply adore the last three posts that I've done,
they make my heart melt and my wallet cry out in pain ;-)
I've been feeling weirdly geeked about my blog lately!
Let the geeking continue!!!

This cuff is super sweet and a great pop of color to add to an outfit.
This is from a new-to-me store called
So far, their prices are reasonable and they have some pretty cool stuff. :-)
I recently saw another pair of peacock earrings, and I just can't seem to keep them out of my mind.
When ever I go to the store now I always look at them... dreaming of the day that I'll be able to justify $15 on earrings.
ANYWAY... these are very very very pretty also, and equally tempting.

They're a lovely color of blue, they're bold, they're SWEET...
and the fact that they're large statement pieces just makes my day.
Some of you may recall the great drama of my life *ha*
that happened last year when I got my ears pierced.
It was a whole thing about them being woggedy and off-centered and stuff...
so anyway, now that I've been pierced for almost a full year, it's hard to believe that I was ever that worried about it.
My ears are FINE now...
no probs.
they've stopped catching infections and stuff (thank you God)
so now I'm able to focus on this new totally rad way of accessorizing!!!
Ta! my lovelies!

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