Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Night as I was Dreaming

I thought of my Future-House
and imagined the office/workspace that I would set up there...
(I also have a complete Pinterest board committed to this)
Here's how I view the office in Future-House
 (This desk)
Light and Airy.
That's the plan :-)
CUTE little accessory for the desk.
I absolutely love willow trees, and this is just the perfect touch for bringing that love indoors

I'm terrible at making decisions. So this is just what I need. Ha!

I love this idea for a girl/guy who's just moved out for the first time,
cause how on earth am I supposed to know what to buy?!
I love pretty much all of the products by Knock Knock
they're stellar.
And super cool for a person like me, who dreams of being organized but just can't seem to do it on her own...
I pretty much suck at keeping a fish alive.
I went through a stage when I really wanted a fish, and I kept buying them after the previous fishy died... but after the third or fourth one, I kinda gave up. :-(
I may try again one day, if I could get this fish bowl and set it up real pretty on my desk :-)
Maybe then fishy would survive... *fingers crossed*
What good is a new house with a world full of oppertunities if you don't take a hold of them by the horns and make them bend to your will?
... well... that's what this lamp says to me...
it says... "your mother wouldn't understand this piece if you brought it home to her... BUT YOUR MOTHER AIN'T HERE! THIS IS YOUR HOUSE NOW!!! woot woot!"...
yeah... it's a very vocal lamp.
this clock screams CARA! to me,
so maybe as a homage to her, I would incorperate it into the design of the dream-y office plan. :-)
well... that's about as far as my late-night imaginings got,
so, for now I'll say

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