Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorites Fridays

How much better could it get?
I used to not appreciate shoes like I do now. 
 For one: I used to really hate my feet (they were the bane of my existence)
and secondly: I just didn't really "get" them... 

Needless to say, I have bigger issues than my feet now, and so instead of fighting them and feeling all down in the dumps, I've really come to appreciate them!
Even though it's still hard to find sizes that fit them (don't we all have trouble with this though? on some level? narrow feet, wide feet, small feet, large feet [I feel like Dr. Seuss now!]) 
I've stopped caring about the difficulty of it all! 
Why fight what you can't change?!


*drool* SO CUTE!I'm not usually a rhinestone kind of girl... but these are really really hot and *I think* subtle enough to be super wearable! Also, a lot of the flashier shoes tend to go too over-the-top for me and remind me of a *cough*hooker*cough* which is NOT GOOD. Anyway, these don't cross that line, and that's why I like them soo. 

Everyday Energy Heel in Green
What a darling shoe. I appreciate the great color that they made it in, and the stylish feel, with the still-stable heel. 
Very nice. :-)

So now I've posted at *LEAST* two things from this new site that I want to talk about. 

This site is super awesome so far, it has really cute styles and their prices are INSANELY INEXPENSIVE!
I was flabbergasted when I first saw them.
So you know how usually these things are just too good to be true?
Well this one's not.
I haven't found any catches yet.
The dress above is only $8, and on select items they offer free shipping.
Because I was so skeptical about how "safe" an unbelievable site like this could be,
I checked out some reviews of it, and they're (for the most part) positive!
I'm stoked for when I make my first order, and I highly recommend that you gals check out this site too!

ALSO girlies! If you DO have any issues with this site, let me know in the comments! Share the knowledge my lovelies. :-)

Ta ;-)


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