Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday of Thursdays

Hey Cara,

I liked your post about the British pancakes but I'm confused as to why you made them. Curious.
And those bacon buttys? Please elaborate on your reasons for making odd foods.

I have meant to blog about last weekend, because I went to camp and it was great, and then I was going to upload some picture of the HUGE bag of yarn that my parents found for me at a garage sale.
lastly I was going to talk to you about all of the neat earrings I got from my mom (garage sale) and from my sister (estate sale).

I will try to put up pictures before the week is over since I'm leaving Monday for five days.
This week has gone down hill slightly, but I know that it'll be good eventually, I just have to pick myself up from this slump I'm in.

Pics to follow!


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