Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mocha N Music

 Then my cousin from Oh Mae Gosh showed up!
After a long discussion of which of us would win in a battle of Hufflepuff (me) vs. Slytherin (Cara)
I found some Checkers so that we could play.
Unfortunately though, neither of us could remember how to play.
I had to look at the box cover to figure it out,
 because (IDK why) they didn't have directions in the box!
 It doesn't matter that neither of us knew the rules... we Chacha'd it and this is us after 15 minutes.
I was winning! hehehe, and she wasn't happy.
 Not long after, I totally dominated and took home the metaphoric trophy for the Hufflepuff house.
This was my victory "I'm a tough Nerdfighter" pose. :-D

And even though I suck at taking group pictures (I always end up cutting half my head off)... The night ended well and on speaking terms!
I sure had fun with our families there.


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  1. I will never get over your nerdfighter pose...tooo perfect :) BTW, I am about to pee my pants in anxiety for tomorrow night :DDDDDDDD to bad you'll miss it ;P