Friday, July 8, 2011

Favorite Fridays

Fridays should be my "favorite Fridays"... don't you think?
I like that idea... I like to post random things that I find pretty, or interesting... so this is just a way to make that idea more organized.

So here it is:

This is the lovely On The Line dress from Modcloth. What a blue dream! It just looks like it would suck in all of my extra jiggle, and make me look like Jennifer Lopez in that smokin hot dress. I may just have to loose a few pounds in each thigh... but after that, I WOULD LOOK AWESOME!
After that dress... I think that I would need a nice breather... and a bit of modesty thrown in too ;-)

This is the kind of relaxing dress I would need. It's pretty, and calming, and flattering without making me suck in my stomach all the time (or so I would think) it's called The Beach House Barbecue Dress in Hoedown

Now for some Jewelry to go with these lovely dresses, or any outfit that you fancy!

Triple owl ring what?! Yeah, that's right. It's called the Owl In A Row ring... and I just think that it would be harder to buy a ring like this without trying it on, because how do they know that all of your fingers are going to fit it?! IDK, but it sure is cute.

Have you noticed how animals are really fashionable right now? I've seen owls, cats, birds, rabbits, horses, octopus and many many more! It's crazy! But I'm totally on board for this party train.

And that's my Favorites Friday blog.



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