Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Prize Monday!

Just kidding, I'm not going to make Mondays a weekly thing too... gosh that would just be TOO MUCH!
But here is a recap of my awesome weekend!
Over the weekend, my cousin Cara, who you've all heard me talk about (Hi CARA!)
came over and stayed at my house while the Aged Ps were out of town. :-)
We went to a "little" event called ART PRIZE which is held annually in Grand Rapids.

Before we went to art prize though, we went SHOPPING! Yaaaaaaay.
I bought skinny jeans! Yay, and Cara got a totally sweeeet purse.

We stopped by a coffee shop as soon as we entered "the big city" and Cara bought me some pretty sweet coffee...
Then we posed on the stares and took pictures of each other, while holding up the line of people... poor people just wanted to descend the stairs.


We thought that we would freeze, seeing at we live in Michigan, it's October, and we only had cardigans on to keep us warm. Smaaaaart.

We saw tons of cool art... some creepy art and some REALLY POORLY DRESSED PPL! I know that I probably shouldn't be putting other people down like that, but honestly... these chicks looked bad.

So I think that my FAVORITE piece was the story-high artsy Mona Lisa painting. It rocked. Are you ready to see some pics? SWEET!

That was my favorite part.

We went to the mall and I got my ears RE-PIERCED because they were SUPER lopsided last time, and then the got infected and then they were all nasty and then one fell out because it was infected and then the other one got infected and i didn't know it so i took that earring out too and i couldn't get it back in and so i cried for a little while because it was depressing and we were on vacation so then i had to let them heal and also i had to prepare myself for getting them re-pierced because i hated it the first time and nearly fainted but I DIDN'T NEARLY FAINT THIS TIME!

But all in all, it was a good weekend!
And I will see you on Wednesday for OWL WEDNESDAY!


Ps. Cara and I have been making Two Nerd Bird videos, and this is our fourth week, so you should go check it out on YouTube!

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