Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Decade

Today is:
My Birthday!

I like Birthdays. Don't you? 
I did have to work today and that was a new thing for me, 
the last three years I've been either in college or tutoring at college and in both cases I had
this time off for Christmas break still! (and I could specifically request that I *didn't* have to work on my B-Day)

Once I got home though, I had a nice time with my mom and a delicious dinner with German Chocolate Cake *dies*... later we played cards and chatted! It was just what I wanted it to be. 
I'm 20 now... in case you didn't get it... ;-)

Onto my "not really a diet" diet!
It's going well. I like it because it keeps me accountable and helps me feel okay about when I have a piece of cheese. 
Sure, that isn't the most effective way to loose weight, but I'm learning that just because I gave in and ate a little sugar, it doesn't mean that I'm lost and have to "start over" with my "diet".

I haven't weighed myself, and this is honestly hard. 
I am used to weighing myself every week or two, and now that I'm really trying to be conscious of what I eat, I'm especially curious about if I've lost anything.

Maybe for the first 2 months I'll "weight-in" every two weeks instead of 4, just to see if I'm being effective enough, or if I have to buckle down more. 
I'll know in two weeks if I've been making any progress or not. 

Pics to come? We'll see ;-)

For now, I have to go, because I have a busy few days ahead of me and I really should be asleep...


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