Friday, January 13, 2012

Favorites Friday

5 pounds (lost)

It kinda rocks.
except for the part of totally cutting out sugars... ahhhhh!
but really, it's kind of like when Cara went with out meat for a while... 
after a little bit, I don't crave it as much.

  These wedges caught my eye as soon as I scrolled down their page...
how can you NOT look at them? :-)
They're kinda fab, in a 50's sort of way.
 I'm loving the sweetness of the flat, the pointed toe, and the creamy color,
and then the rounded studs really make it more edgy. 

A wedge, but kind of not... totally fab.

I didn't mean for today's FF blog to be all about shoes, but it would seem to me that that's what it's ended up being.
Oh well, I surely don't mind, because as you can see, I love shoes!

I almost bought a pair today, and my parents are actually encouraging me to buy some booties for the long winter treks, so I'll let you know if/when that happens!

Have a great weekend!


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