Monday, November 8, 2010

Taking your own picture is hard

I was very excited when I thought of putting up my first outfit for today. That excitment soon dwindled.Taking your own picture is really hard. I am not going to tell my family or friends about this project that I'm doing, so therefore I am quite alone when it comes to creative ways to capture my clothes.
I bought this skirt at Walmart this spring when it was on sale. It's a cord skirt which I love. the shoes are my favorite flats which I bought from Payless.

The shirt is a thrift from Plato's Closet, but originally from Old Navy. I adore yellow, and I am obsessed with purple so I thought  that this would be a good time to show my appreciation for both. The belt is a garage sale find, with a buckle with an L on it. We got it from a guy named Lou. 
Necklace is from my sister and has an oriental scene on it. I'm really cold, but I feel cute, and that's the point right? We'll see. I'm off to work to tutor some kids. I'll repost tomorrow if I can.
I ended up wearing a black blazer with the outfit because it's November and I was cold, other than that though, the outfit was a hit and one girl at work even called it "sassy".

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