Sunday, November 21, 2010

shopping disaster


Remember how I went shopping on Thursday with my sister, and I was all excited because I thought that it would be really good? I was wrong!

My sis isn't much of a shopper, so I feel comfortable with blaming her for bringing down the mood. I like shopping on my own because then I can go at my own pace and i don't have to feel self conscious about how long I take to make a decision or the silly things that i try on.

Here's how my day went:

Kohl's, I found a pair of leggings. I am not sure how to wear them in public yet, but I am loving wearing them around the house because they're soooo comfortable. I have to fight the urge to wear them in public without pants/skirt. I mock other girls for doing that so now I must restrain myself!!!

We went to about 5 different stores, and I looked mostly at jeans. I found none because I'm not quite in shape and the store styles don't look very good on me. So I left the mall with my self esteem completely destroyed.

Hoping to find something yet, I hopped across the road to Platos. They had nothing that I wanted. UGH!!!

That was my day, four painful hours and one pair of leggings to show for it!!! I don't even know how to wear them in public!!!

oh well.. better luck next time I guess.

Then I looked on my page today and I HAVE A FOLLOWER!!!

Hello follower. How are you today? Have I amused you in some way? Or did you hit the "follow" button on accident?

on to another week of adventure.


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