Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mental breakdown

That's right. I already had one.

Last night I had a small breakdown and just craved shoes! I have stayed strong though and I haven't even been to my usual online shops. I am not sure if this should be a ban from buying things, or from (window) shopping in general. What are your thoughts? I have been stronger and it has been less painful when I have stayed fully away from clothes for sale.

My outfit post may be later today, and may even count technically as tomorrow, but I'm working today 9-4 and have a place to go tonight. This may become a regular Tuesday thing. Still, I'll try to make it pretty Jokes. (jokes=cool, for those of you who aren't into the famous 'vlog brothers' on YouTube).

Speaking of YouTube, that wonderful place. I am now addicting myself to Americas Next Top Model, because it's pretty and it helps me not think about what's happening. You should try it too. It's nice.

Okay, I'm going to work more now, I will post later with pics of today's choice.


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