Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Owl Wednesday

Hello Lovelies :-)
This is my third day of summer break! ahhhhh!
I'm so happy.

and I have started my new exercise routine which i really hope to continue through the whole summer and beyond. I'm alternating doing Pilates and Yoga in the morning.
I ache.
so bad.
but it's a really really good ache! so I'm happy.

On to the OWLS!

(and no, i don't mean our Ordinary Wizarding Levels)

What a cutsie little thing to have peeking out of your cupboards. :-)

Owl Ready To Go

Group Hug Ring Set

Owl Be seeing you 

the above is a beautiful scarf that I really like,
unfortunately I can't find the link to where I got this picture! (I found it now! it WAS from Modcloth!)
I was thinking that this was from Modcloth (like all of my other pics, ha)
but I can't even find it on their site.

so if anyone knows where it's from please let me know!
cause I'm not trying to rip anybody off or take credit for anything... I honestly just don't know where it's from :-(

Ta for now!


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