Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Owl Wednesday!!!

Hello my Lovelies!
I'm so excited to be back with you all for our first Owl Wednesday in a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNG time :-)

It's a good day.
I only have two more days to work until I have a little summer break and start scrounging around for another source of income :-D this is very exciting to me though, so I'm not stressed out about it, yet.

and BAM! I'm back!
exciting, I know.... :-)

 *-* how cute is this thin little belt? I love it.
It's cute, and bright and summer-y and all of that jazz.

this is a pretty little thing,
not overpowering, but still a statement of "I am Owl, hear me hoot"
The owls alternate size, which is nice, I think, to keep it from being too bulky.

I love me some Modcloth.
and I guess one of the things you have to take with it is that it's not always going to be glamour.
which, really... is a nice thing.
this bag is far from glamour. but it's definitely an owl thing.
and for that I will include it in my post. but for not much more. I admire it's color, but really it's a shocking little bag, and hard to style I would imagine.

I look forward to another OW next week and I hope that you guys will too!
Maybe we'll even have time for a Favorites Friday this week ;-)



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