Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Break

Summer break is here my dears.
and I'm super stoked.
I haven't had a real summer in about three years and I'm happy but nervous about what that means for me.
and what it means for my pocketbook...

But nevertheless here I go!
I don't have any real summer job plans except Agency work,
and agency work is scarce during the summer months.

I anticipate a lot of blogging to be happening here.
be prepared.

I may even do a few outfits for you guys,
but we'll just have to wait and see about that,
because honestly, I'm losing weight, which is great! but it also means that I haven't shopped in 6 months.
I know.
honestly, I've bought one shirt and one skirt (both thrifted) in the past six months.

at first I was driven CRAZY by this! but now I'm okay and am able to keep it as an incentive to be good on my diet.

once I loose all the weight (which I'm half way to) *then* I'm going on

See you later!



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