Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Sunday

Hello all of my dears,

I know that it's been an incredably long time since I've posted anything, and there may be a good reason for that, because as I write this, there are sooo many gramatical and spelling errors that I should just leave. Leave it for another day.
But hey, when the insparation hits, you have to let it flow, right?

In the last two weeks I have had two outfits that made me think of you, thinking "wow, this would really go over well on my blog" but alas, I have not had the time to photograph them. Perhaps when I have the time, I will recreate the outfits and let you all see ;-)

Anyway, Today we set up our Christmas tree, and it's super pretty this year. It's not as tall of a tree as we normally get, but that's what you risk when you pick 'em from your own back yard.

Happy Almost-Christmas!
Yes, I've taken to saying Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas.
I'm not sure how I decided this, but today when I was talking to friends at church, it just popped out that way
"Happy Christmas!"
and they were all like
"What? Happy Christmas? Have you gone British on us?"
I suppose I have.

This past week has been a rollercoaster for me, which I'm sure you will have noticed if you follow me on Twitter at all (@TerpLiddy)
I met the guy my sister is trying to set me up with,
Was told of another guy who my co-worker *wants* to set me up with,

and saw my old crush.

Also, it was Thanksgiving.
I think that part was a blessing though, cause I couldn't have dealt with all the emotional ups and downs if I also had to deal with staying "cool" at work.

Expect to see another Owl Wednesday post this week!
and just so you all know, Cara and I are still going with our Two Nerd Birds vlog,
so please check us out and leave comments on our channel!


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