Wednesday, October 3, 2012

105: Owl Wednesday

 I had a wonderfully blessed and busy day today, and I was happy to realize that it's Wednesday and that means I can do my Owl Wednesday post!
I usually feel like an OW post on... like a Thursday or something, and then I've just missed the mark and have to wait a whole 'nother week to write the post!
Yes yes, very tragic. 
What's so wonderful about this bag, is that you may not notice that it's an owl-inspired design if you're not looking close enough. I like that it's subtle.
Long live the sparkly incognito owl bags! :-)

There are no words ;-)
it's adorable.

These are less of the whimsical owls, and more of the angry I'm-gonna-eat-your-cat type...
but they're still cool :-)

As long as they leave my Heathcliff alone...

Happy happy Wednesday my lovelies,
feel free to leave comments, or suggestions :-)



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