Monday, October 1, 2012

104: RUGBY

I'm not technically a sporty person... 
and by "not technically" I mean not AT ALL IN THE LEAST
so I was about as shocked as anybody when I found Rugby and discovered that
I love it!
It's the most fascinating sport I've ever seen!
I'm no expert on the sport, but I am slowly learning the rules and what all of the different thingys are called..
like Trys, Drop Goals, Knock Ons, which result in Scrums and sooo much more!
I tried to grab a few good pics of different happenings at the game...
We (the Grand Rapids Gazelles in the orange) were playing against the Dayton Flying Pigs and they won, boo!
But I had a ton of fun all the same and I can't wait to go again! My parents and I have a few more games marked off for October :-)

Have a Happy Monday!



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