Friday, September 28, 2012

103: Favorites Friday


Well I don't know about you, but I'm having a very nice Friday.
There's something so sweet about being productive in the morning. 
I don't usually do it, so it's all the more shocking when I do manage to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get something done before noon (other than achieving my next life-time goal in Sims)


Today I'm lovin' on a few things,

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Project Runway
Last night they did a riddikulus challenge about designing for babies, and I must say, the babies were the best part. I think the judges couldn't hardly get through critiquing because of the adorableness of the babies in front of them!

And then, while I was watching with my parents, my mother turned to me and asked
"who's Heidi Klum? Should I know her"
:-O I about turned inside out as I quickly responded with

So, on another note, I did buy this watch after all of my going back and forth...

It's super cute, and it was super cheap from Sammydress
Be warned though, that since the company is based in China, the shipping takes a while and can be a little pricey if the item doesn't come with free shipping (like this beauty did)..
But if you think about it, the low cost of the items kind of make up for the cost of shipping... so it all evens out :-)

Speaking of Sammydress,
I have a new item that I'm vacillating over...
This is such a cute envelope bag, and I've liked the style for a while now,
I'm ordering it today (yay!) and I'm super excited :-)
I like to window shop for things, and it definitely peaks my interest and convinces me to buy more when I see that something is cute AND affordable. :-)

Now, in the past year or so, I have for sure caught House-Fever. It's like baby fever, but you don't need a man to cure it. ;-)
So anyway, I love all things decor and design, anything that will give me ideas about how to "dress" my house once I *finally* buy it!

I'm exhausted from the shopping and talking, so I'm gonna retire to some home-made pizza..
have a great weekend all!


psst... check out below for some more house-tastic items

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