Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18

In general I am a big fan of scarves.
Then again, I'm a big fan of army boots, yellow ruffles, and tights too.
Being a "big fan" doesn't always mean that I can pull a look off smoothly.

Anyway, back to scarves. I love them.
Up until this point I have had issues with figuring out how to wear them though!
I know what you're saying, "It's simple, just throw it around your neck!"
but life is never that simple for me.

I have collected many nice scarves over this past year, three from England when I was last there, and I still haven't been able to find a way to wear my favorite of the three out into public!
Such a shame.
But I do enjoy it as it sits in my closet.

When my friend recently came back from NY she was lovely enough to buy me a.... scarf!

She really is a sweetie-pie.

This scarf however, is different.

It's yellow. and I mean BRIGHT yellow.

Also, it's a little thinner than my other ones, which I appreciate because I dislike a bulky "gets-in-your-way" scarf.

So I am wearing it today, in honor of my bestie, Becky.

With some dark-wash jeans, a black shirt and a purple tank under that.
I'm lovin on this yellow "pop" going on.
I'll try to get you a picture later.


ps. Have you guys seen all of the wonderful fashion blogs that are out there?!
I'm overwhelmed!

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  1. lovely blog dear.xx